Monday, 28 May 2012

Bachelor Party

I have such a lovely friends in this world.. They are such a lovely dovely friends..
First bachelor party with my friends yang kiteorg kenal mase belajar same2 di uitm Dungun..
Seronok...Best..Makan banyak2...Gelak banyak2.. thank you alya, adrina, ain, dyana, amy, fatin and kak chik... Kiteorg dinner dekat william, so faham2 la klu dinner dekat situ, xmakan banyak xsah!! so enjoy the picture!!

The food was superb!!! nasi goreng ketam, mac n cheese, olio spagethi..
soda herbs, ribena lychee & mango watermalon

Activity sebelum kahwin memang sangat syok.. my weekend full with lovely date dengan kawan2... thanx again to Angah, lya, pinky, fatin, ain, shezz, kadi, amal, bob, danny, fattah, ajib, sarah and en izuan...
Master mind kita Tg. Liyana mmg sgt pandai memrancang!!
The lovely date lunch was held at Seoul Garden, One Utama... makan sampai kembung!! enjoy!!

Bachelor party comes with Fatin's Birthday..
happy blast 24th Birthday Dear Fatin Farehah.. <3

Rasa macam nak nangis baca ayat ni... Sangat sangat sangat sweet.. terima kasih kawan2...

Terima kasih diucapkan kepada rakan2 seperjuanganku.. :)
hope this friendship will last forever.. even semua dah beranak pinak, kene buat reunion jugak one day!!
Hope to see u guys SOON!! on the 22nd of APRIL...

much love ~

Another bachelorette party threw by my BESTEST GF in this world...
thank u korng for the SUPRISE!!! :)

Italiannies Superb food

Monday, 12 March 2012

Birthday bash for Bell

A birthday Shoutout to one of my friends @ RedBox, Curve..
The main kepala is Kadi and lya and pinky yg menjalankan semuanya...
It's a simple birthday party yet everybody had so much fun by karaokeING...


Birthday Girl with <3

Gracis ~

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Counting days


Another 1 month and 22 days to marry my best freind..

so, roughly 70% DONE...
Semalam me ke kuantan utk fitting baju belah lelaki..
so, here we go....
Pegi kuantan by firefly and it took only half an hour to reach there.. :)

Sayang with his choice of tengkolok pahang

sorry xbanyak picture sbb masing2 busy pilih kain and baju sume :)

So after fitting2 sume, we had our lunch at kuantan